Increasing land value

Landform works in partnership with landowners to secure planning permission and, as we only ever share in the results, we have an equal incentive to achieve the best consent and sell the land for the highest value.

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Planning success

Planning is often a contentious and complex process, especially on Greenfield sites and that is why Landform’s team of experienced specialists work closely with local people. It is in everyone’s interest that the community works together with the developers on new projects.

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Community planning

Landform works with residents and engages with local communities at all stages of the planning process. We hold hands-on planning days, known as Charettes, where everyone in the local community is invited to express their views and be part of the design process by working directly with our architects, urban planners and engineers.

Landform makes an effort to understand the fears that many local communities have about new housing projects and to learn from those concerns. This way, new ideas and solutions can be introduced to the schemes.

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More than half of the UK’s home buyers say they would love to build their own home but the lack of consented land with infrastructure and services is, by a considerable margin, the single biggest constraint to achieving this.

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Landowners + agents

Landform is only paid by results, meaning we share the same interest as the landowner to maximise their land value, while keeping costs down and overheads to a minimum. By only sharing in the final land sale receipt, Landform and the landowner have an alignment of interests to secure the best price.

As we are not housebuilders, we can use Promotion Agreements which avoid the drawbacks of traditional Option Agreements that lock the land into a single buyer and depress its value. A housebuilder only wants cheap land to build, whereas we take each site to the open market to get the best price because we have the same interests as the landowner.

If your sale or option agreement is about to expire, or if you have a site with potential, then please contact us.

We will be happy to pay agent introduction fees.

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Landowner’s guide

Your land is a precious commodity. Make sure you enter the most appropriate form of agreement to realise its maximum value.

1. Work with a partner who has an incentive to maximise your land value

Entering into a Promotion Agreement with Landform over a more traditional Option Agreement will allow you to make more money from your land. This is because Landform is only paid a percentage of the land value when it is sold, so Landform has an incentive to maximise the sale value and reduce costs.

2. Receive a premium fee at the outset

You will be paid a premium fee on entering the contract. Landform will pay for all your associated legal and surveyor fees of entering the contract.

3. What role does Landform perform?

Landform appoints, pays for and manages a professional team of specialist consultants with a successful track record in delivering planning consents. Landform coordinates this team to deal with all technical, legal, commercial and town planning aspects of the project.

4. Offer your consented land to the open market to get the highest price

At the point of securing planning permission, your consented land will always be taken to the open market to obtain the highest bid. Landform shares the objective of the landowner to maximise the land sales receipts and keep costs to a minimum.

5. Expect a 5 year + agreement

You should expect that the length of each agreement will vary to match the anticipated planning program of each project with a right to extend in the event of planning delay. Typically, Landform focuses on opportunities that require between 2 and 5 years to obtain consent.

6. What does Landform receive?

Landform receives its project costs back first and will receive an agreed share of the net sales proceeds. The division between Landform and you, the landowner, will vary depending on the level of planning risk associated with the project and the length of time needed to secure planning consent.

7. Why enter a Promotion Agreement rather than an Option?

Option Agreements are generally made with house builders whose interest is cheap land. At the receipt of planning consent a house builder will, therefore, try to reduce the land value and increase allowable costs, resulting in you making less money.

A Promotion Agreement is an alignment of interests between you and Landform. It represents a working partnership throughout the project, with a shared interest in securing the highest price for your land.