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Landform is committed to helping people build or commission their own home. We have successfully incorporated self-build plots into 3 of our projects to date and have a number of further ambitious self-build projects in the pipeline.
Landform is pioneering the delivery of self and custom build homes in its developments. This brings advantages for landowners, home buyers and local communities.

The lack of consented land with infrastructure and services is, by a considerable margin, the single biggest constraint to the delivery of self-build housing

Landowners benefit: planning consent should be easier to obtain. This is because the Government’s new Right to Build policy states that all councils must make land available for self-build homes to meet identified demand. The Government wants the number of self-builds - currently about 7% of all new housing - to double. Self-build plots widen the sales market and their scarcity results in higher land values.

Home buyers benefit: they have access to individually designed homes and help with the more difficult technical and legal aspects of self-build. More than half of the UK’s home buyers say they would love to build their own home but are put off by the difficulty in finding suitable consented land.

The local community benefits: instead of look-a-like housing developments, self-build improves the quality and diversity of housing schemes.

Landform has introduced self and custom build plots into three of its developments to date and is actively looking to promote further schemes with even higher levels of self-build plots.

Land must be brought forward in plans for self and custom-build housing in a way that allows for broad outline permissions.
Sir Michael Lyons, Housing Commission Report, October 2014
Michael Holmes of NaCSBA talking about custom & self build at a recent Landform planning day