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The UK’s population is set to grow by about 6 million people in the next decade and this will create a continued need for new housing
Office for National Statistics, October 2020
Planning gain delivers wider community benefits
23 January 2020

Exercise and fitness have been shown to promote learning, memory and wellbeing in school children. Staff and pupils at Aylsham High School are delighted with their newly refurbished and modernised swimming pool. What’s more, everyone is looking forward to the construction starting soon on another project - a new fitness building.

Landform listens to the local community before submitting planning proposals. The Aylsham High School outlined their fitness needs and were gifted 15 acres of land and £1.4 million to cover the pool refurbishment, modernisation of the car park and the new fitness centre.


Newly refurbished pool at Aylsham High School
Newly refurbished pool at Aylsham High School

Caroline Rogers
Landform Estates Ltd.