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"Most areas need new development, and
Landform knows that early involvement of the
local community helps strengthen these plans."
Iain Halls, Partner at Strutt & Parker
Landform works in partnership with landowners to secure planning permission. By only sharing in the results, we have the same incentive as the landowner to achieve the highest value.

In 2018 we secured planning permission for more than 1,000 new homes - a success rate of over 95%.

We are able to maintain this successful track record, even for the most difficult and complex sites, because we always consider the needs of the local community and take the impact of the projects into account. For example, in Aylsham we recently gained permission for 300 new homes. As part of the consent the local community will get new academic and sporting facilities for the High School, a £1.4m fitness and community centre, a modernised swimming pool and car park.

Our business is growing and we welcome enquiries from landowners, agents and investors.
We chose the right partner with Landform and they delivered the best results.
Michael Harrold, Saltcarr Farms Ltd, Norfolk landowner
Erik Pagano of Landform specialises in delivering complex planning permissions.
Bringing growth to the historic market town of Aylsham in Norfolk with 300 new homes. The site is providing a much needed extension to Aylsham High School for academic and sport facilities.
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